About Leonie

I have always had an affinity towards art from the moment I could hold a pencil and draw or hold a paintbrush and make a mess, and used my imagination as my escapism and channelled that into writing and art.

I have lived in London most of my life but have always loved being out in nature. After leaving school and moving onto higher education I stopped doing art, ok maybe the random drawing or painting here and there but no solid artwork.

Fast forward almost 20 years: after showing an oil paint that I did, I was challenged to do artwork for an album cover and since then I have finally stepped onto that path of embracing and developing my creative side and how to use my skills to emote and transfer what I am emoting into art. 

Art whether it be drawing, painting, sculptures, music, writing is meant to be shared to stir something inside of you give you pause for thought, that interpretation is personal and unique for each person there is no right or wrong.

Art is an instrument amongst many in this orchestra of life it adds a layer to the rhythm of life that we don't often recognise because we are surrounded by it we only notice it when an artist channels a way to accent their interpretation of art around them and transfer that vision from their mind into artwork that emotes and provokes...and this is when we have that "pause for thought" that elevation of emotions to make it something that's meaningful to you.